Resources survey results

We asked community members to complete this 3 question survey. Here is what they had to say. All results listed in order of frequency of answers

Question 1: What local resources have you found helpful to you and your family
(from prenatal care - children ~5 years old)?

Jillian’s Drawers 11
Ithaca Family Fun 9
Tompkins County Library 8
Cornell Parent List Serve 4
Momma Goose 4
Ithaca Children’s Garden 3
Sciencenter 3
State/ Local Parks 3
Family Reading Partnership 2
Tot Spot 2
Youth Bureau (places for kids activities) 1
Preschool 1
Cornell Family Helpers List 1
Child Development Council 1
Ithaca Dad’s Group 1
Tompkins Health Department 1
Catholic Charities 1
Kate Dimpfl’s Classes 1
Family/ Friends 1
Cayuga Medical Center 1
Moms Club 1
North East Pediatrics 1

Question 2: How did you find out about these? How would you like to get information?
Word of Mouth 12
Google 4
Cornell Parent List Serve 4
Internet Search/ Web 3
Stopping at Jillian’s Drawers 3 ( 2
Doctor Referral 2
Job 1
Local Shops Advertisements 1
School Flyers/ Emails 1

Question 3: What other resources would be helpful?

Information on Activities/ Events in the area/ FB Group to serve as interactive calendar/ way to connect with other moms/ sched. Play dates, etc. -3
More Weekend Activities for Children/ Families -2
List for local caregivers/ reviews (daycare, etc.) -2
List of Resources for Children with Special
Needs/ Developmental Delays -1
Cornell Homeschooling Programs 1
More Clinics (for Inluenze Vaccine) 1
Current Resources need to Publicize Services More/ Update Resource Lists -1
Information on Preschools (how to apply, etc.) 1
Parents Nights Out 1
A non-religious moms support group 1
Indoor winter play spaces for preschool age 1