Mama's Comfort Camp

Mama's Comfort Camp is a "refueling station" for moms of kids of any age. They use a Facebook group where hundreds of mothers from around the world get to share their ups and downs and support each other deeply in a judgement-free safe space: what the members post can only be seen inside the group, not anywhere else on Facebook.

Mama's Comfort Camp is the brainchild of Yael Saar, a local Ithaca mama, so it has close to two hundred members from the Ithaca/ Tompkins County area. This gives women the opportunity to ask for support online but get it in real life, from a vibrant community of amazing local moms.

Locally Mama's Comfort Camp hosts a monthly support meeting for moms on the first Thursday of the month at 12:30pm in Downtown Ithaca, as well as various play-dates, mama's nights out, classes and outings.

The Mama's Comfort Camp website is
and you can ask to join the Facebook group at

The Self-Kindness Lab presents:

Shelter from the Storm:
Gentle body-mind skills for disarming anxiety, guilt, and other hard feelings, with tools for accessing grace under fire.

This is a four-hour afternoon retreat to support our anxious selves with curiosity, kindness, and practical body-mind tools for calming ourselves. We’ll learn how to respond in the moment as well as lay the foundations for internal support structures to make those moments shorter, fewer, and further between.

Sunday November 3rd 3:30pm-8:30pm, at Jillian’s Drawers on the Ithaca Commons.
We’ll break for dinner around 6, resume at 7, and end around 8:30pm.

For more information, visit the Mama's Comfort Camp website.

Did You Know?
Social support is a key factor in helping mothers and babies thrive. Mama's Comfort Camp offers an online support group allows mothers to vent, ask for ideas, and work through struggles 24/7 in a judgement free safe space.